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We are happy to announce the relaunching of AIIDESH - a premium digital media publication and OTT platform for your locality that brings the latest news from various areas of interest covering breaking news, politics, economics, entertainment, art & culture, sports, markets, and lifestyle. AIIDESH provides daily regional, national, international and business news, tracks market movements and detailed coverage of significant events. 

Start by creating your own set of news pushing the message beyond the reach for the good cause of the Nation. 

AIIDESH Live: PM Modi's message to the Nation


ফাঁচি বজাৰত মুখ্যমন্ত্ৰীৰ চেনিটাইজেশ্যন স্প্ৰে

Now you can post your articles and news on AIIDESH.

Share your news in a sentence or 2, and consider using the following step to register and upload:

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See more here, and be the part of our journey. Reaching out for the nation.

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